Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pastel Pieces: Woman is an Art Form

I started pastels my sophomore year of high school and continued on with an art degree in college. I began my series surrounding women to donate to an art auction we were having as part of a fundraiser to stop abuse against women. I have continued this series and really enjoy the direction it is taking. I have donated several pieces to various charities, have used them as personalized gifts and have given them to console those who have lost someone in their life. I love to customize pieces. If you are interested in commissioning a piece, email me at

Here are a few pastels I have done.

This is a piece I did representing me and three of my close friends based on descriptive words we each wrote of each other.

This was my first series of the same piece done in memory of my Great Aunt Carol. I made one for each of the families.


I Was Made in the Image of My Mother (2008)
This I made for my mother representing the bond we have as mother and daughter.


Michele (2008)
This piece was done in memory of my mom's best friend, and my friend Celeste's mother, Michele.


Mama (2009)
This was my last piece signed with my maiden name.

The Original
This was the first woman piece I made, donated to the VDAY campaign in 2006.

Juliette (2008)

Earth, Wind and Fire (2008)

Man and Woman (2009)
This is my first finished piece with a man and was done as a wedding gift for my best friend and her husband.