Monday, November 2, 2009

Dona eis Requiem

New York City, New York (2007)

Graveyards used to scare me. They were dark, dead places full of the unknown. My graveyard series is not meant to be morbid. It is my peacemaking with mortality.

Death unites humanity. Across cultures, countries, and time we face mortality. We have different ways to honor and respect our dead and different ways we interpret death. Death takes the young, the old, the sick, the healthy--It takes people alone, in families, at war, or in peace. At the loss, some celebrate life and some mourn in utter grief. Death is black. Death is white. Death is red. Death is the end. Death is the beginning. Death is a cycle.

In my exploration of graveyards I now find peace in these places where those who have walked the earth before me lie. Their existence affected the world as it is today and we are their decendants who will affect the world for generations of tomorrow.

Dona eis requiem. Rest in peace.

Salem, Massachusetts (2009)

Harper's Ferry, Virginia (2007)

Jamestown, Virginia (2008)

Guadalajara, Mexico (2008)

Concord, Massachusetts (2009)

Bridgetown, Barbados (2009)

Boston, Massachusetts (2009)

Boston, Massachusetts (2009)

Washington, D.C (2008)

Boston, Massachusetts (2009)

Alexandria, Virginia (2008)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2007)


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